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Boo Yah 58 x 74cm, 2017, pencil on paper cut out


She's Like the wind, 2017, pencil on paper, 80 x 60cm.jpg

She’s like the wind, 2017, pencil on paper

Resting in peace 2017 pencil on paper, 120 x 80cm.jpg

Resting in peace, 2017, pencil on paper

Asthma smash, 2016, pencil on paper, 120 x 140cm.jpg

Asthma Smash, 2016, pencil on paper

Lefebvre Heidi, hard core deep core, 2017, pencil on paper, 140 x 60cm 50%.jpg

Hard core, deep core, 2017, pencil on paper, 70 x 120cm


Dubbo Stump, 2017, Pencil on paper x 3


Head like a leathery old bag, 2017, pencil on paper
Cubby, 2017,pencil on paper


DAFINISH, 2016, pencil on paper


Tote Bag BFF, 2016, Pencil on paper


Peat Tollunds Gift, 2016, Pencil on paper


Views all the way to oblivion, 2017, pencil, glitter and paint on paper


Trust, 2016, pencil and charcoal on paper

Propping up, 2013, pencil and paint on paper

worshippers 2012

Costume- Courage Chronicles, 2013, Mixed media

from the warm earth 2012

Still a life, 2013, pencil and watercolour on paper

drawing4 001

Teague, 2007, pencil on paper

Bogeyman Whiskers 2013

Bogeyman Whiskers- Courage Chronicles, 2013, pencil on paper

All images are the property of the artist- Heidi Lefebvre